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Custom Products

Custom & Specialty Alloys

All of our products are made to order, usually with no minimum order quantity. Cleanliness, attention to detail, and process control are paramount in our operations which is why organizations of all type and size have trusted ATT Alloys to supply their high purity vacuum melted alloys since 1994.

We routinely supply materials that are unavailable from industrial suppliers. Our alloys are formulated and melted in house using high purity input materials so we will meet exact composition and purity requirements. We maintain lot traceability throughout our process, and a complete array of testing services is available to ensure that our product meets your specification.

Points of Distinction

● Alloys Made in House

● Purity Guaranteed

● Fast Turn Around For Tight Deadlines

● Satisfaction Guaranteed

● Any Alloy. Any Shape. Any Finish.

Proficient with a Variety of Alloy Families

Nickel Base, Cobalt Base, Aluminum Base, Copper Base, Specialty Steels, Super Alloys, Rare Earths, Magnetic Alloys, High Purity Alloys, Reactive Alloys, Nickel Aluminides, Reactive Solders, Precious Metals.

Sputtering Targets For All shapes and Forms

Many companies turn to Sophisticated Alloys for sputtering targets and cathodic arc targets because they consider us the "one-stop-shop" they trust to provide high purity materials that meet their exacting specifications.

Because all of our alloys are made in house in one of our many vacuum induction systems, we can formulate the exact alloy you need for your physical deposition requirement. A full analytic capability ensures that your product will meet your composition and purity requirements. We offer a full range of post-melt processing and complete machining capability so we can deliver your cathodic arc or sputtering target in whatever shape you desire in whatever quantity you need whether that's a one-off target or production quantities.

For target assemblies requiring bonding we offer both indium and elastomeric bonds. Expedited services are also available.

Simplify Your Supply Chain

We think of Sophisticated Alloys as a "mini mill". We not only melt your material, we can also HIP, roll, extrude, heat treat and machine the material we produce for you. Why not simplify your supply chain and save yourself some time and money?

● Vacuum melted alloy targets

● Ceramic targets

Vacuum Melting Services

From a Few Grams to 500 lbs.

From the electronics industry to the aerospace industry, our alloys have been used for wide ranging applications. Whatever your application or the size of your project, the focus we give to cleanliness, detail and process control are the keys to producing our high purity specialty alloys. From vacuum induction melting to vacuum arc melters, we offer five different vacuum melting furnaces, one of which is sure to provide a cost-effective solution for you.

Numerous companies have entrusted us with their proprietary information. ATT keeps all services in the strictest confidence.

Five Furnaces Provide Flexibility

Vacuum Arc Button Furnaces - Few grams to several hundred pounds capacity.

Vacuum Arc Melter

Few grams to ~ 500 g

12 lb Vacuum Induction Melter (VIM)

500 g to ~ 12 lbs

50 lbs Vacuum Induction Melter (VIM)

1 kg to ~ 50 lbs

300 lbs Vacuum Induction Melter (VIM)

50 lbs to ~ 300 lbs

500 lbs Vacuum Induction Melter (VIM)

100 lbs to ~ 500 lbs

Alloy Applications

● Oxidation Resistant Coatings

● Medical Devices

● Shape Memory Alloy Chemistry Standards

● Decorative Coatings

● Wave Guides

● Disk Drive Media & Heads

● Solar Cells

● Hydrogen Storage Cells

● Welding Wire

● Solders

● Gyroscopes

● Constant Resistance Alloys

● Sensors Wear Resistant Coatings

● Defense

● Airfoils

● Thin Film Deposition

Bulk and Custom Services

Your Trusted Partner For Turning Research Into Reality

Our bench to bulk chemicals offers precisely what you need, at every stage of your workflow or application.

● Extensive selection of chemical reagents and products developed either in-house or sourced from reliable suppliers

● Flexible volumes from a few grams to multi-metric tons manufactured in our facilities according to your specifications

● Reliable quality with stringent in-house testing, supply chain disclosure, traceability, risk mitigation, international compliance documentation, and quality documentation

● Customized solutions for bulk chemicals, packaging options, and custom specifications

Reliable Supply Chain

We create more value for you with a robust supply chain for critical raw materials with on-time delivery to any location around the world. Our global manufacturing and distribution centers partner with regional third-party distributors. Our supply partners undergo rigorous screening for quality and availability. Streamline procurement by scheduling and planning of your research and production needs with us to keep your work flowing.

Strict Quality Control

The quality of our products is our highest priority. Our rigorous quality control procedures, applied in every step, guarantee reliability, data traceability, safety, and quality. From high-purity solvents to custom blends, our scrupulous process monitoring allows you to reach new frontiers.

● Certified manufacturing facilities ranging from ISO:9001 to good manufacturing practices (GMP)

● Enhanced quality control and process control for critical raw materials including quality documentation

● Comprehensive analytical technology range, including EDXRF, MALDI-TPF, Multinuclear FT-NMR, ICP-MS, LC-MS, GC-MS/MS

Technical Expertise

Drive your innovative development with a partner who understands your workflow. Our state-of-the-art, purpose-built facilities boost your progress from research to manufacturing. Our production expertise ranges from classical chemical transformations to complex multi-step organic synthesis to simplify your leap from development to commercialization.

Diverse Portfolio

Breakthroughs feel closer than ever with the exceptional breadth and depth of our products and services. Choose from our essential laboratory materials portfolio, chemical materials portfolio, and life science materials portfolios, from standard to premium grades, in safe and innovative packaging, and multi-application tested.

Customization Options

Streamline your processes with our tailor-made services to cover your needs from start to finish:

● Specialty chemicals in bulk quantities and volumes

● Customized chemical solutions and mixtures

● Specific quality control testing requirements, customized specifications, regulations and standards

● Customized packaging and labeling, custom package sizes, safe and smart packaging solutions

● Chemical contract manufacturing and OEM services

We make ingenuity accessible for you with our production materials and custom services. Explore our comprehensive range of high-quality products, request custom-blended options, and order any quantities from a few grams to multi-metric tons.

Stable Isotope Custom & GMP Products

Our team specializes in the custom synthesis of labeled compounds, including the manufacturing, testing, and control of cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) materials. As science evolves, new labeled substrates are needed in a wide range of applications, including clinical study tracers, labeled amino acids for protein quantification, and metabolic research standards. Our highly trained group of stable isotope scientists are dedicated to supporting all your exploration needs. We routinely design and execute multi-step syntheses of complex labeled materials, including metabolites and steroids, fatty acids, amino acids, reference standards, pharmaceutical intermediates and other bioactive compounds.

With our on-site production capabilities and a large inventory of starting materials, we provide rapid and accurate results. Our facilities give us the capability to perform syntheses ranging from milligram to kilogram quantities, provide custom packaging services, and guarantee client confidentiality. In addition, we offer a variety of product grades, including S&P tested and full GMP certified material, with the most rigorous standards in the industry to meet customer specifications.

Small Molecule Library Design

ATT small molecule library design comprised of over 14 million chemicals from suppliers around the world. These products range from drug-like compounds for testing in molecular screening to synthetic building blocks for use in chemical synthesis.

Searching, procuring, formatting, and managing orders and shipments of compounds for small molecule screening libraries is a time-consuming task that requires constant attention. Streamline the process with our exceptional expertise a Select products and services so you can keep your focus on drug discovery.


● Diverse selection of over 14 million products developed either in-house or sourced from 80 reliable suppliers

● A self-service library portal for instant access to our database of more than 8 million unique chemical structures

● Adaptable compound libraries, from small kits to tens of thousands of individual compounds

● Customized formatting according to your specifications

● Comprehensive management of international compliance documentation and shipping logistics to avoid delays and fees

● Library informatics with full structural data set including plate/box map

All chemicals are easily searchable via structure, MDL number, CAS number, or chemical name and can be added directly to a shopping cart to order or download the search results & shopping cart into a SD file or excel file to perform further product screening.

Technical Ceramics Manufacturing

Advanced technical ceramics have highly specialized properties that can make them difficult to design or engineer if you lack prior experience. Precision Ceramics is internationally renowned as as one of the world's authorities in custom ceramic component engineering & design support. Over the last 20 years of working with advanced technical ceramics we have engineered and helped design thousands of custom technical ceramic components to help our customers utilize ceramics in new and innovative ways.

Technical Ceramics Prototyping

We want to join your team in this journey from application challenge to delivered parts. With over 120 years of ceramic manufacturing expertise supported by a multi-disciplinary team of ceramic, production and process engineering skill sets, we can help your project succeed. Your project will have a dedicated project manager, on call to support discussions and guaranteeing on-time completion. Bringing to market a diverse range of technical ceramics, we match material properties best suited to your application, helping ensure the dependability your project requires.

Our production capabilities start with raw powder and go through every step of the manufacturing process, forming, machining, firing and grinding, necessary to deliver final parts. we have for process control. Quality is understood at every step of the process as well as by every person on our team. We understand the urgency of your prototype project, timing is critical and we are committed to a fast-track delivery program to quickly get parts in your hands.

If you are seeking a partner with a commitment to the success of your project, full service production, quality products and on-time delivery

Tell Us About Your Application

To help us better understand our customers' ceramic engineering needs, we will ask the following questions:

● Specific component and system requirements

● Mechanical, thermal & electrical operating conditions (working & maximum)

● Physical dimensions

● Tolerance requirements

If you need help answering any of these questions, we will work with you to further investigate the specific application and context to develop these parameters.

● What is the desired quantity?

● Small batch only?

● In the future will you need more?

Our next area of interest will be to understand what production quantities will be expected and under what time frame. The quantity required will affect how the product is engineered, the cost of material, and cost of production. At Precision Ceramics, we take a long-term view of our customers applications to ensure that they are utilizing the most effective ceramic materials, offering assistance on design and machining techniques for long-run efficiency and success.After the general product requirements, conditions & quantities have been developed, we will then provide an overview of suitable materials, engineering and design options, and production methods. We will outline potential options with regards to:

● Performance

● Material cost

● Production cost

● Production time

● Scalability

We offer unmatched flexibility with a variety of services to ensure the component arrives promptly and to our customers satisfaction. We respect our customers privacy and are happy to work under an Non-Disclosure Agreement should the need arise. Precision Ceramics is your custom technical ceramic engineering and design expert; please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Ceramics Machining & Grinding

Precision Ceramics has extensive experience with high-tolerance technical ceramic milling, grinding and polishing of unfired ('green') and fired ceramics. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to offer a variety of technical ceramic services including:

● CNC Milling & Grinding

● Brazing & Joining

● Glazing

● Lapping & Polishing

● Metalizing

Machining Tolerances

All tolerances can be improved upon depending on the size, shape & geometry of the technical ceramic part. Precision Ceramics is dedicated to ensuring we make only the highest quality parts that meet or exceed our customers specifications. In order to ensure that all of our products are achieving this goal we utilize an Axion high-performance CNC CMM and have full traceability on all of our parts.

● Grinding General tolerances of ±.02mm, can achieve ±.01mm with a surface finish of N2/N3

● Turning general tolerance of ±.03mm, can achieve ±.01mm with a surface finish of N4/N5

● Milling general tolerance of ±.03, can achieve ±.01 with a surface finish of N4/N5.

● CNC Milling bed capacity of 1000mm in X and 510mm in Y.

● CNC Milling spindle speed of 12,000 rpm

● CNC Milling and turning machines are all equipped with synchronized rigid tapping for perfect internal threads

● CNC Turning capabilities of 250mm diameter with power tooling

Ceramics Manufacturing Services

● Because ceramics employ many different types of manufacturing processes, we want to help you understand them, the following is a basic outline. It will give you a good idea of what it takes to manufacture ceramic parts. It is important to note that all ceramics start as granular powder made up of a base material such as Alumina or Zirconia, mixed with other stabilizers and binders that give each "ceramic body" its own unique characteristics.

● Powder Preparation Understanding how raw powder contributes to the final properties of fired ceramics is key to providing components that meet the challenges of your application.

● Forming There are several basic forming methods such as Isostatic Pressing, Extrusion, Injection Molding, Mechanical Pressing.

● Green Machining The machining of a ceramic in the unfired state is called green machining. Green machining of ceramics is done whenever possible since the machining of ceramics after firing is very costly.

● Firing In order for ceramic to be hard and dense, they must be "sintered", or fired to high temperatures for prolonged periods of time in gas or electric kilns.

● Coating / Glazing One of the reasons that parts are glazed is to make it easy to remove unwanted residue. For instance, spark plugs are glazed to reduce areas of potential arcing in high voltage environments.

● Grinding & Cleaning Grinding and cleaning are part of the after firing operations, please find detailed descriptions for each process at the link above.

● Metalizing & Plating We produce thick film metalization inks that utilize a Moly-Manganese (MoMn) refractory formulation designed for oxide ceramic bodies to provide one of the industry's strongest bond strengths.

Large Diameter Grind Blanks

ATT now offers our quality, high purity alumina to support 450 mm Semiconductor needs, as well as sizable alumina and zirconia tubes for the Oil & Gas and Energy Industries. Our large Diameter Work Cell includes Vertical Mills, Lathes, Kilns and Isopresses that can make up to 22" diameter parts.

● ATT can provide same day quote turn around, 3-4 week deliveries, along with application and customer service to support your existing and new project needs.

● If you are seeking a partner with a commitment to the success of your project, including large diameter grind blanks

There are many aspects to consider when designing with ceramic materials. However, ATT can manufacture to nearly any configuration or tolerance that can be manufactured in metal or other materials.

A Few Things To Remember When Ordering:

Any components that can be considered complete in the "as fired" state will be more cost effective. Most of the expense in manufacturing ceramic parts and components is in diamond grinding parts after firing. If your design can be made to net or near net shape in the "green state" (compressed powder, before firing) which can be machined with standard tooling, grinding costs can be reduced.

Keep in mind:

● The industry standard tolerance for an "as fired" dimension is +/-1% or +/- .005", whichever is greater, as there is approximately 20% controlled shrinkage when firing ceramics.

● There is a .006" per inch camber allowance on as fired components and a .025" maximum radius or chamfer on all corners. Diamond grinding can easily produce tolerances of +/- .002". Tighter tolerances within tenths can be produced on a cost basis.

Why Ceramics?

Answering this question will give you most of the information about your design needs.

What is the working environment?

● Dielectric strength

● Electrical isolation

● High temperatures

● Corrosive chemicals and gases

● Thermal shock

● High wear and abrasion

● Liquid & gas impermeable (vacuum)

● Matching thermal expansion rates

Ceramics are recommended for all of these environments.

Some of the industries and product lines ATT currently serve:

● Semiconductor

● Telecommunications

● Pumps and Valves

● Medical

● Lamps/Lighting

● Electro-Optics

● Plasma

● Laser Systems

● Refractories

● Military

● Electrical Insulators

● X-Ray Systems

● Mass Spectroscopy

● Material Handling Systems

● Igniters

● Wear Components

● Textile

● Analytical Instruments

● Electrical Appliances

● Heaters

We Are Your Technical Ceramic Authority

Precision Ceramics has accumulated years of experience in the pursuit of developing the world's best advanced technical ceramic parts and continues to apply this knowledge everyday. In fact, multiple of the world's premiere research institutions, companies, and organizations have used Precision Ceramics for their custom ceramic development projects. Contact us and see what we can do for you.

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