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Other Metal And Alloys

An alloy is a substance with metallic properties, which consists of two or more chemical substances, at least one of which is metal. It is generally obtained by melting all components into a uniform liquid and then condensing it. The distribution of constituent elements may be uniform or uneven. And the crystal structure may change throughout the material, which depends on the temperature change of the material. Although metal alloys will retain the properties of raw materials, such as electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, ductility, etc., their properties will also change strongly with different proportions of metal materials, such as hardness, tensile strength, corrosion resistance and so on.ATT is proficient with a variety of alloy families. We can provide Nickel Base, Cobalt Base, Aluminum Base, Copper Base, Specialty Steels, Super Alloys, Rare Earths, Magnetic Alloys, High Purity Alloys, Reactive Alloys, Nickel Aluminides, Reactive Solders, Precious Metals

Alkali/Alkali Earth Metals:

H (Hydrogen), Li (lithium), Be (beryllium), Na (sodium), Mg (magnesium), Ca (calcium), Sr (strontium), Ba (barium)

Lanthanide (Rare earth) Metals:

Sc (Scandium), Y (yttrium), La (lanthanum), Ce (cerium), Pr (praeseodymium), Nd (neodimium), Sm (samarium), Eu (europium), Gd (gadolinium), Tb (terbium), Dy (dysprosium), Ho (holmium), Er (erbium), Tm (thullium), Yb (ytterbium), Lu (lutetium)

Refractory Metals:

Ti (titanium), V (vanadium), Cr (chromium), Zr (zirconium), Nb (niobium), Mo (molybdenum), Hf (halfnium), Ta (tantalum), W (tungsten)

Transition Metals:

Mn (manganese), Fe (iron), Co (cobalt), Ni (nickel), Cu (copper), Zn (zinc)

Precious Metals:

Ru (ruthenium), Rh (rhodium), Pd (palladium), Ag (silver), Re (rhenium), Os (osmium), Ir (iridium), Pt (platinum), Au (gold)

 Light Metals:

B (boron), C (carbon), Al (aluminum), Si (silicon), Ga (gallium), Ge (germanium)


N (nitrides), O (oxides), F (Fluorides), P (phosphides), S (sulfides), Cl (chlorides)

Heavy Metals:

Se (selenium), Cd (cadmium), In (indium), Sn (tin), Sb (antimony), Te (tellurium), Hg (mercury), Pb (lead), Bi (bismuth)

Other Commonly Requested Alloys:

All elemental and alloy sputtering targets are vacuum-cast in argon unless otherwise quoted.

Here are a few of our more commonly requested alloys:

Silver Alloys: Ag/Al, Ag/Cu, Ag/Mg, Ag/Pt
Aluminum Alloys: Al/Cu, Al/Si/Cu, Al/Li, Al/Mg, Al/Mn, Al/Nd, Al/Si, Al/Ti, Zn/Al
Gold Alloys: Au/Ag, Au/Be, Au/Ge, Au/Ni, Au/Pd, Au/Pt, Au/Sb, Au/Sn, Au/Zn
Bi/Ge/Te alloys: Bi/Sb, Bi/Sb/Te, Ge/Sb/Te, Ge/Te, Al/Ge, Si/Ge, Cd/Te, Pb/Te, Sb/Te
Boron Alloys: Co/Fe/B, Ni/Fe/B
Cobalt Alloys: Co/Cr, Co/Cr/Fe, Co/Fe, Co/Nb/Zr, Co/Ni, Co/Ta/Zr
Chrome Alloys: Ni/Cr, Fe/Cr, Cr/Mn, Mo/Cr
Copper Alloys: Cu/Ga, Cu/In, Cu/In/Ga, Cu/Ni, Cu/Sn
Heusler alloys: Co/Mn/Al, Co/Mn/Si, Co/Mn/Sb, Co/Mn/Ge
Iron Alloys: Fe/Al, Fe/Ga, Fe/Mn, Fe/Nd/B, Ni/Fe, Fe/Si, Fe/V
Iridium Alloys: Ir/Mn, Ir/Pt
Indium Alloys: In/Pb, In/Sb, In/Sn, Sb/In/Sn
Nickel Alloys: Ni/Mn/Ga, Ni/Mo, Ni/Ti, Ni/V, Ni/W, Ni/Zr
Osmium Alloys: Os/Ru
Platinum/Palladium Alloys: Co/Pt, Fe/Pt, Mn/Pt, Ni/Pt, Pd/Ag, Pd/Pt, Pt/Ru, Pd/Cu
Rare-earth Alloys (see our rare earth page): Nd/Al, Ce/Gd, Co/Gd, Co/Sm, La/Mn, La/Ni, La/Sr, Nd/Fe/B
Titanium and Zirconium Alloys: Nb/Ti, Ti/W, Ti/Zr, Zr/Y

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